Become a DDTM "Devotee"!

Giving just a little bit monthly can go a very long way....

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Giving just a little bit monthly can go a very long way....

Monthly donations are an easy, affordable, and consistently impactful way to deepen your connection to our organization, and really make an ongoing difference. For under $0.35 per day, far less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee, you can become a $10/month DDTM "Devotee" - and help to impact our organization in a really BIG way.

Recurring donations that we know we can count on, whether for $10, $25, $50, $75 or $100 per month, are tax deductible for you, and add up to MAJOR possibilities for us. This year especially, your monthly support will help us to reach the next level of sustainable success, by augmenting our administrative foundations, expanding our programming and reach, solidifying our financial commitment to our dancers, and augmenting our repertoire with exciting new works. Monthly donations allow YOU to become a regular investor in our work, and become an "everyday" part of our success,

"Devotee" membership starts with an annual pledge of just $10 per month.

Our "Devotees" will receive a special quarterly newsletter communication - a season progress update from our dancers and directors!

"Dynamic Devotee" - supporters of $50-$75 per month for one year, will receive:

- Quarterly newsletter communication

- Invitation to a "Dynamic" private cocktail event at the end of the season

"Dynamic Devotee" supporters of $100 or more per month for one year will receive:

- All of the above plus

- Invitation to view a private studio rehearsal of a work in progress

Give the gift that keeps on giving - sign up for monthly giving TODAY, and please share this giving opportunity with your family & friends - there is power in numbers! Every single gift, in any and every amount will count!!!